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The Artisan Barista

The Artisan Barista - Scale Tray

The Artisan Barista - Scale Tray

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Are you needing a larger scale to weigh out your portafilters or needing more space for your pour over stations, and not wanting to buy two seperate scales... don't worry, we have created your solution.

Transforming our original Artisan Barista scale into an all purpose scale. Simply by adding our scale tray you now have the ability to quickly transform your weighing area to a larger one. This new stainless steel tray has the ability to effortlessly fit an entire portafilter, Also giving you more space for your pour over setup. The one scale that does it all!

The Artisan Barista Scale Tray does not effect the performance of the scale at all. Simply place it over the display screen which will hold it sercurely and away you go.

Dimensions: 210mm x 147mm

Materials: Anodised Aluminium



- Transform your weighing area to a larger one.
- Effortlessly fit an entire portafilter.
- More space for your pour-over setup.
- Locks in tight around the display screen.
- Does not affect the performance of the scale.


Capacity: 2000g
Dimensions (210mm x 147mm)
Materials: Anodised Aluminium

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