Artisan Barista Smart Electric Brewing Kettle - brew coffee or tea with the use of the gooseneck spout and smart heating technology.

The Electric Pour Over Kettle For Coffee Lovers

Faster heating than any other artisan kettle in the market + 3 adjustable levels of pour control.

Discover the Artisan Barista Kettle.

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So you might be thinking, what makes our smart kettle unique?

The Artisan Mission

We believe that coffee should be treated with only the best equipment. That is why we carry only the finest espresso machine equipment and specialty brewing tools to make every cup of coffee better than the other.

The journey does not stop there. We will keep producing and releasing quality tested products for all types of brewing such as cold brew and pour-over.

Your coffee journey begins here!

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What equipment is used in coffee?

Coffee equipment is one of the largest growing industries worldwide.

This means ways of making coffee have been changing constantly with more innovations daily. The most well-known equipment used in coffee is espresso machines and pour-over brewing equipment such as V60 cones paired with smart electric kettles.

What equipment makes the best coffee?

It is not completely true that the best equipment makes the best coffee. The best coffee begins with the harvest of the coffee bean, then to the coffee roaster and finally to the controlled variables that we now can tinker with. Some say the coffee-making experience adds value to the overall quality and taste.

Are coffee machines worth it?

If you are starting your coffee journey with an espresso coffee machine you are on the right track for a great cup of coffee but not all machines are worth it. Make sure you do your research in regards to the variables that will get you that top brew. 

Most coffee is roasted for espresso equipment, but now we are experiencing a rise in specialty roasted coffee that needs to be carefully prepared with controlled temperatures and times, this is where you begin to use equipment such as smart electric kettles and barista precisions scales.

What are the top 5 coffee makers?

We cannot rank the coffee makers but here are our top 5 ways we enjoy drinking coffee

Cold Brew, Espresso, Pour-over V60, Aeropress or French Press and Stovetop coffee makers.

Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

The more you spend the better equipment you will get which in turn should reflect the outcome of the coffee. We suggest beginning your journey with pour-over equipment then start experimenting with cold brew and eventually save up for that espresso machine you’ve always dreamed of.

How do I choose a coffee maker?

Look out for customer reviews or follow local magazines such as Coffee T&i and Beanscene for articles and news on the next coffee innovation.

You can also follow forums online and chat with owners of various coffee makers to make your final decision.

How do you make good coffee?

Quality coffee is made with precision in mind, we keep focusing on the variables that matter the most; Time, Temperature and Pressure. Variables change depending on the type of brewing so we suggest to always measuring your coffee dose before and after brewing while keeping watch on the brewing time to make sure you reach the ratios that your local coffee roaster recommends for the coffee beans.

Perfecting The Brew

With game changing features like smart variable temperature control, fast boil function, user adjustable flow control and "keep warm" technology, you'll be producing a ridiculously good cup of coffee in no time.