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Pesado 58.5

Pesado - Dosing Cup - Charcoal

Pesado - Dosing Cup - Charcoal

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Command a more efficient workflow by dosing into the Pesado dosing cup instead of directly into your portafilter.

This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter more evenly.


- Distribute grounds evenly
- Minimise wastage of coffee grounds
- Measure and Weigh for better coffee shots


Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter : 56mm
Height: 70mm

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When Innovation Meets Performance

brewing gear for pour over and v60 brewing. The artisan barista electric kettle allows the user to perfect the brew ratio and keep their coffee consistent

Smart Variable Temperature Control

Simply turn on, click boil and select desired temperature ranging from 57 - 99 degrees celsius, then let the kettle do all the hard lifting. No more guesswork, perfection has been served.

Artisan Barista Smart Electric Brewing Kettle - brew coffee or tea with the use of the gooseneck spout and smart heating technology.

Fast Boil Function

Hit that “boil” button and immediately watch our 1500 watt powered heating element create magic. No time is wasted on our journey to brewing perfection.

Our Smart “Keep Warm” Technology

With our one-of-a-kind smart “stay warm'' technology simply maintain your desired temperature for as long as needed. Perfection is created with patience.

  • User Adjustable Flow Rate

    Effortlessly adjust flow rate to desired flow, allowing experimentation with an extra variable in your brewing method.

  • 1 Litre Capacity

    With 1 Litre capacity our kettle suits most busy cafes & specialty coffee shops.

  • PID Controller

    Build in PID Controller consistently maintains the perfect temperature. Never overheat or burn your pour again.

  • Silicone Safety Lid

    Suction sealed safety lid gives you the ability to pour with one hand without the lid falling off. Game changing!

Minialistic Yet Classic

To top it off, our in-house design team have incorporated a minimalistic design without losing that classic artisan kettle look.Truly a show stopper in any setting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Artisan Barista Smart Electric 1.0L Kettle be used for?

The Artisan Barista Smart Electric 1.0L Kettle was originally designed for perfecting the perfect pour over coffee, using it's smart variable temperature control, user adjustable flow rate and the "keep warm" technology it has drastically enhanced your ability to produce a ridiculously good cup of coffee.

We have designed our kettle with a 1L capacity which gives the abilityregular brewing such as tea, coffee

How do you adjust the flow rate?

It's super easy! Simply choose your desired silicone plug and place it inside the kettle where the spout meets the kettle. Once you find your perfect flow rate simply leave in and your all set for every pour.

How long will the water stay hot for?

Using our smart "keep warm" technology you will no longer have to worry about your water going cold. Simply click the "keep warm" button and walk away! The AB Kettle will do all the work keeping it at the set temperature for the perfect pour.

How long does shipping take?

We proudly offer FREE standard shipping on all orders within Australia.

All orders will be despatched from our warehouse on the Gold Coast within 24-48 hours of purchase.

Standard shipping within Australia usually takes between 4-7 business days.

How long is the warranty?

All kettles will have a 1 year warranty from the day of purchase. If anything goes wrong after this time period we will be happy to take a look at the product and help asses the damage and costs.

Simply contact our team here for assistance. ???