Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

Best Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home! 

Are you a lover of iced coffee? According to Harvard researchers, individuals taking more than one cup of coffee per day have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In another report published by Medical News Today, it was revealed that older adults who used coffee had a lesser chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Whether it’s brewed, extracted, or iced, coffee has its benefits, and the numbers don’t lie!

So, how do you prepare the best iced coffee at home? There are more than 20 iced coffee recipes you can try out at home. Iced coffee is exceedingly refreshing but can be costly if you have to buy it from the coffee shop every other time. Having iced coffee recipes that you can use at home will help you save time and money. Grab a fresh cup, sit back, and learn the recipes for making the best iced coffee at home. 

What Makes Iced Coffee Special? 

The perfect iced coffee will help you relax and cool down. Iced coffee is unique because it can be taken at any time of the year, unlike hot coffee. Taking a cup of iced coffee at home before starting your day helps reduce stress and fatigue. You will also enjoy it as an excellent way of doing away with winter blues. 

It is also easy to make homemade iced coffee. To make iced coffee at home, you only need a mason jar or pitcher and something to strain out coffee grounds. You are also presented with the advantage of having your coffee last for at least ten days without going bad. 

Every time you visit coffee shops to order hot coffee, you need to wait for it to cool off a bit to avoid burning your tongue. On the contrary, iced coffee can be consumed immediately after its purchase. Even better, if iced coffee spills on you by mistake, you do not have to worry about getting burnt. 

Studies show that iced coffee is less acidic by at least 67%, which enhances its flavour. Coffee grounds produce vast amounts of acid after they are put in hot water for brewing. Brewed coffee tends to get a little bit bitter, a taste that you do not want in your coffee. Less acidic coffee is good for your stomach and teeth. 

What Type Of Coffee To Use For Iced Coffee? 

Three main types of coffee are perfect for the making of iced coffee. It is essential to note that your taste may change with time since your preferences during the summer are likely to differ from those of the winter. 

Coffees with dominant base notes are perfect for adding taste to iced coffee. The most common string base notes include molasses, nuts, or caramels that make your coffee fully flavoured. They are common among Indonesians and Colombians. 

You can also use dark roasts on your coffee. Dark roasts have strong base notes that cause them to give your iced coffee a great flavour.  

It is also recommendable to use low acid coffees when making iced coffee. Since heat activates acidity, it is almost impossible to have it in iced coffee. However, you must also be intentional about using a low-acid coffee such as Sumatran in case you are a fan of fruit and floral notes that may increase acidity in your coffee. You should use 150% of the coffee you would have used in normal circumstances. 

Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

Things You Need To Make The Best Iced Coffee Recipes

Making iced coffee at home should never be tedious. Having certain equipment and tools will help you get the work done within a short time. The equipment and tools are simple and readily available. They include: 

  • A large mason jar, tall glass, or gallon
  • A kitchen scale
  • A long-handled spoon to help you stir
  • Pillowcase, fine mesh, cheesecloth, or coffee filter
  • Cold filtered water
  • Fine coffee grounds
  • Ice
  • Your milk of choice; whole milk, sweet cream, whipped cream, almond milk, or coconut milk

Other ingredients include coffee syrups, brown sugar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, cocoa powder, granulated sugar, and simple syrup.

Instant coffee may also be used to make iced coffee though it takes longer to dissolve. It works best when following an easy iced coffee recipe. 

23 Home Iced Coffee Recipes 

Being your own barista will save you time and money. Again, iced coffee recipes should never be bland. Here are 23 iced coffee recipes that you can try out at home. 

  • Cinnamon cookie iced coffee
  • Perfect iced coffee
  • Salted cream iced coffee
  • Vanilla caramel iced coffee
  • Coconut spiced iced coffee cocktail
  • Vanilla iced coffee
  • Homemade mocha coconut iced coffee
  • Snickers Starbucks iced coffee
  • Cold-brew iced coffee with honey and milk
  • Thai iced coffee protein shake
  • S’mores iced coffee
  • Maple iced coffee
  • Cold-brew Vietnamese iced coffee
  • Middle Eastern iced coffee with homemade cardamom vanilla syrup
  • French press iced coffee
  • Instant pot coffee concentrates
  • Spicy ice coffee latte
  • Mexican cold brew coffee
  • Raspberry iced coffee
  • Blended turtled iced coffee
  • Burnt sugar simple syrup
  • French iced coffee

Making your iced coffee helps you store any excess coffee for future use. All you need is to pour the leftover coffee into an ice cube tray to make coffee ice cubes that you can use the next time you are making ice cubed coffee. A cup of coffee will always go a long way in brightening your day.

Final Thoughts

If the above collection of iced coffee recipes teaches us anything, it’s the incredible simplicity and versatility of the primary ingredients. Whether you’re looking for decadent ice cream or a refreshing maple ice coffee, there’s an indulging and refreshing iced coffee recipe for you. 

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