Make Best Long Black Coffee

How To Make The Best Long Black Coffee!

There are different types of coffee, but the long black coffee is the crème de la crème in the coffee world. The perfect long black should have the flavour and sweetness naturally found in coffee. To make a good cup of coffee, you require the skill; otherwise, you will find that your coffee is too bitter or too harsh. 

There is more to making long black coffee than adding hot water to coffee beans. At The Artisan Barista, we offer you quality coffee gear and tools to make the perfect cup of coffee at home or in your coffee shop. So, how do you make the perfect long black coffee? Keep reading to learn.

What Is Long Black Coffee?

Essentially, long black coffee is a double shot of espresso, except you add extra hot water to the espresso. This espresso-based drink is a popular choice enjoyed by black coffee drinkers. If you are a coffee drinker who enjoys black coffee, you will undoubtedly love long black coffee.

Long black coffee is strong and flavourful and you can enjoy it for a longer period than you would an espresso. Apart from enjoying a cup of long black coffee from a coffee shop, you can learn how to make this type of coffee at home.

Steps On How To Make The Perfect Long Black Coffee

When made properly, long black coffee is delicious and packed with flavour. Making a long black is a fairly straightforward process that an average coffee drinker can follow. Here are the steps on how to make a long black coffee:

  • Right measurements: You need an espresso bean like the Arabica coffee bean and hot water to make long black coffee. Typically, the recipe ratio is ¾ water to ¼ espresso.
  • Prepare your cup: Use the hot water from the spout of your espresso machine to fill your cup. On the other hand, if you are using your coffee machine, bring the water to boil to 91 degrees Celcius or 195 degrees Fahrenheit on the stove or electric kettle.
  • Make the espresso: If you are using an espresso machine, let it complete this step. Afterwards, pour the espresso over your hot water. On the other hand, you have to ground coffee if you are using coffee beans, prepare your shot per usual, and finally add the hot water.

Ideally, a long black is an espresso made without adding milk. You may have a flat white or macchiato if you decide to add milk, depending on how much milk you add.

Make Best Long Black Coffee

Long Black Coffee Making Tips

Here are a few tips on how to make the perfect coffee brew:

  • Use high-quality ingredients: Using cheap espresso will only give you a diluted and lacklustre long black coffee. Therefore, ensure you buy and use high-quality ingredients.
  • Always remember to clean and maintain your coffee equipment: The baskets and handles of your espresso machine should be clean. Otherwise, it affects the flavour of your brew. Dirty equipment can cause bitter and metallic flavours.
  • Appropriate temperature: Ensure your water temperature is cool before you pour in the espresso. If the water is too hot, your coffee losses its sweetness.
  • Stir your cup: Ensure you stir your beverage, so the crema mixes well with the espresso and water to enjoy your cup of long black coffee.

Buy Coffee Equipment And Tools From The Artisan Barista!

To make the perfect cup of long black coffee, you need to follow the above steps as closely as possible. Altering the steps and using cheap beans messes up the taste, and your coffee loses its flavour. You also need to have the right equipment and ensure it is clean to make the perfect cup of long black.

At The Artisan Barista, we have the best equipment and tools for making coffee. Whether you need them for your coffee shop or at home, we have the perfect solution. We have everything you need including coffee brewers, grinders and other coffee equipment.

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