Electric Kettle Vs. Stovetop Kettle

Electric Kettle Vs. Stovetop Kettle - Which One You Should Buy?

Are you looking for an easy way of boiling water for your coffee? An electric kettle is one of the best ways to get your water boiled as quickly as possible. There are two main types of kettles - electric kettles and stovetop kettles. So, which is the best kettle to add to your kitchen appliances? This depends totally on your preferences and needs.

This article will alleviate any doubt you have on whether to purchase an electric kettle or a stovetop kettle. You will undoubtedly come up with the best decision for you after reading the article.

Definition: Electric Kettle

An electric kettle refers to a specific type of kettle that features a self-contained heating element to heat water for making hot or warm beverages. It requires an electrical outlet as it is electrically powered. There are various electric kettles, all of which are safe to place on the kitchen bench or counter. Because of this, it is ideal to use in self-contained apartments where cooking space is limited.

Definition: Stovetop Kettle

A stovetop kettle is used to heat water atop a stove or hot plate. The kettle is made of a sturdy material that is heat resistant to ensure that the water reaches its boiling point in less time. It is usually used to prepare some hot water for a cup of tea or coffee. It features a spout to alert you when the boiling water is ready.

How Does An Electric Kettle Work?

An electric kettle operates based on a heat-generating wire with a current running through it. However, most circuits do not require this heat, and it takes vast engineering knowledge to ensure that the wires do not overheat. The heating elements are designed to produce maximum heat under minimum current and power.

The most important part of an electric kettle is its heating element which is energy efficient and designed to handle large amounts of current. As huge currents pass, the wires heat up and, in turn, heat the kettle to boil the water. A simple design features a heating element directly connected with the water to maximise conduction and convection.

Some advanced electric kettles feature an auto-shutdown feature for turning the current off as the water boils. This ensures that the current is not flowing uninterrupted, saving much on your energy consumption. An electric kettle is simple, just like that of the thermostat. After triggering the switch, it opens the circuit to stop the current from flowing.

How Does A Stovetop Kettle Work?

A stopover kettle works when on top of a stove. First, ensure that your kettle is clean as it might have some dust or chemical residue. Fill your kettle and ensure not to put too little water as it can over-boil the appliance. Also, do not put too much water because it will be difficult to pour it out. Turn on the stove burner and set it to high heat.

Depending on the kettle's size, the water will take around ten minutes to boil. If your kettle is a whistling one, you will be lucky to get a whistle alert when the water has boiled. A whistling kettle is ideal when you do not want to wait for the water to heat up. The other option is a regular stovetop kettle, which does not feature a whistling mechanism. However, you’ll still know when the water has boiled as there will be a steady stream flow from the spout and low rumbling noise of boiling water.

After the water has boiled, the next thing to do is to turn off the stove and remove the appliance from the burner. It is now time to pour out the contents through the spout.

Electric Kettle Vs. Stovetop Kettle

Electric Kettle Pros & Cons

There are various advantages and disadvantages of electric kettles. Some of them are listed below:


  • The temperature control feature allows you to boil the water to your desired temperature, making an electric kettle handy for most tasks.
  • It also allows you to boil water in less time compared to its stovetop counterpart.
  • It can be used anywhere with an electric outlet, making it ideal for carrying around.
  • It is relatively more energy-efficient than a stovetop kettle.


It is quite expensive It is challenging to clean it as the heating element is easily damaged by water

Stovetop Kettle Pros & Cons

A stovetop kettle has different pros and cons. Some of them include:


  • It produces a rumbling sound as the water is boiling, which means it can remain heated at a specific temperature throughout the day.
  • It can heat the water above its boiling point, which is a requirement for some beverages.
  • It is easy to camp with as it does not require electric energy to power up.
  • It lacks a heating element which is usually harmful to the health if inappropriately maintained.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It takes much time to heat water
  • It is not as flexible as an electric kettle

Final Thoughts: Which One Is Better?

The best way to determine the best kettle for you, whether electric or stovetop, is by comparing the kettle's specs. If you want to boil the water at the highest temperature possible, a stovetop kettle is an ideal option as it can boil water to a temperature above its boiling point. So, if you base your choice on its ability to heat water, then a stovetop kettle is better than an electric kettle.

However, keep in mind that, a stovetop kettle has many disadvantages over an electric one. First, it will take time to boil the same amount of water in an electric kettle. Besides, it is not that much more flexible than an electric kettle, and it only comes in handy in areas that lack electric outlets.

For this reason, most people prefer purchasing an electric kettle as it is portable and convenient. It is more advantageous than a stovetop kettle, making it the best option for your kitchen.

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The ideal kettle to purchase depends on your needs and preferences. An electric kettle might seem worth it as it is easier to use than a stovetop kettle. However, in terms of cleaning, a stovetop kettle wins the case since it is easy to wash than an electric kettle.

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