Adding Brew Bar To Your Café

Adding Brew Bar To Your Café: Is It Worth It?

Is a brew bar any different from a typical coffee shop? And is adding a brew bar to your coffee shop necessary? Brew bars are gaining popularity, and more coffee shop owners are opening them to attract more customers.

Keep reading to learn what brew bars are to decide whether or not the pour-over coffee is a worthwhile coffee trend to get behind.

What Is A Brew Bar?

Brew bars are a concept that is taking over the coffee world. It is a space dedicated to offering a hand-pour coffee, allowing a coffee house to showcase its coffee quality. The different pour-over brew methods bring out the unique flavour in different coffee beans. The basic concept of a brew bar is that a cup of coffee is made in real-time by hand instead of using an espresso machine. There are different ways to make coffee in a brew bar, including French press, V60 and Chemex, and they all take time.

How Does A Brew Bar Work?

Making coffee in a brew bar takes time, bringing out the coffee beans' full flavour and allowing coffee drinkers to enjoy the complex tastes and aromas. The idea behind a brew bar is that a coffee house highlights its brew method and enables customers to taste and experience the different sensations. Customers interested in learning how their coffee is made can sit and talk to the barista and ask whatever they may want to learn about the coffee.

Often, the baristas are more than willing and happy to explain the different preparation processes and variety of coffee beans available. If you love and enjoy having coffee, you should visit a brew bar and try their coffee. Have a seat, and chat with the barista as you await a cup of coffee packed with flavour and aroma. While coffee from a brew bar will cost you more than a regular coffee, it will be of the highest quality and packed with complex flavours. Embracing slow drip coffee is definitely worthwhile.

Adding Brew Bar To Your Café

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Add Brew Bar To Your Café

Brew bars are rising in coffee trends and can help you attract more customers to your coffee house. Pour-over coffee brings out the full flavour of the coffee beans that coffee machines cannot match. The barista often slowly pours hot water over the coffee grounds when preparing the coffee.

Here are reasons you should add a brew bar to your café:

1. Customer interaction: The pour-over coffee method is a slower coffee making process, allowing you time to interact with the customers while ensuring you make the perfect brew.

2. More control: With a hand-pour coffee, baristas have more control over providing each customer with a unique preference.

3. Inexpensive: The basic hand-pour coffee equipment is relatively inexpensive.

Coffee Brew Bar Essentials

You need to invest in the best equipment to make the best cup of coffee. While there are multiple available options on the market, very few will ensure you get a quality cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

Here are coffee brew bar essentials:

  • A pour-over brewer like the Hario V60 Filters Goose necked kettle
  • A scale for weighing your ground coffee
  • Counter space
  • A system that will hold your coffee brewers

Final Thoughts

A brew bar is a worthwhile investment for coffee shop owners. How much you spend to add a brew bar to your coffee shop will vary based on different factors. These include whether you want to offer your customers cold brew coffee, how many stations you will have, and if you wish to have a multi-temperature water dispenser.

It is also essential to have staff members who are experts at making pour-over coffee. If they cannot make pour-over coffee, then you must offer training. After all, pour-over coffee costs more than a standard espresso-based coffee. Consider how you will market your brew bar to your customers and use single-origin coffees to increase profit. Overall, brew bars are a worthwhile investment but do your due diligence before adding one to your coffee shop. Get

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