Tamp Master - Automatic Tamping Machine

Tamp Master is a tamping system designed for professional baristas. Elements of manual tamping that baristas consider important, such as perfect levelling and fine pressure adjustment can be reproduced helping to maintain espresso quality even during the busiest times. .

The Tamp Master comes with Pesado 58.5mm base. The Tamp Master employs a barista's tamping finish, polishing is implemented to prevent the puck from being pulled up in the vacuum. In addition, the Tamp Master features a safety guard and three-point contact sensor to ensure your hands stay safe.

Electricity : 220-240 Volt or 100-120 Volt (Free Volt) , 50/60 Hz
Adjust pressure : 10Kg ~ 30Kg (min ~ max)
Size : 130 mm x 200 mm x 335 mm ( W x D x H )