IMS Competition Shower Screen Nuova Simonelli

The INTEGRATED MEMBRANE SHOWER SCREEN designed by I.M.S. and 100% made in Italy, consists of a special membrane built inside the supporting body of the shower and has a filtering capacity of 200 μM.

Individually laser cut, the narrow holes of these showers slow the water flow and avoid build up of residue and grime behind the screen.

Manufacturing these as a single piece, strengthens the body and smoothes the surface, resulting in a long lasting and consistent shower.

The Difference:

Standard showers and baskets are "pressed" resulting in a pyramid shaped hole. On the IMS baskets and showers, the cone shaped internal surface of the holes does not present any sharp corners or friction thus allowing ease of liquid flow. The end result: a consistent and flavoursome coffee, every time.

At Dolo, our combination of IMS shower screen and the PESADO basket and tamper imrpoves extraction consistency and brings us closer to the perfect coffee everyday.

This is a link to a youtube comparison video