Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

The Fellow Carter Vacuum Mug is a ceramic-coated interior travel mug that will keep your coffee hot or cold brew cold, at exactly the temperature you want to drink it, by the time you get to where you want to go, all without making a drip or spill. 

That ceramic coated interior also keeps your brew free of odors and oils and won’t pass on unwanted flavours from the materials used. 

The cup you use can affect how you taste the drink..The Fellow Carter adopts a wide 69mm rim, that lets you sense the temperature of the brew prior to drinking it – no more burnt lips. The large opening allows you to brew your coffee right into the mug and with a thin tapered lip, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the drinking experience from the Fellow Carter anywhere you wish to be.

With a full 270º turn of the lid the Fellow Carter Vacuum Mug seals watertight to ensure never finds its way out.

Available in two sizes: 12oz and 16oz  / as well as 6 colours: White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Blue & Pink


Heat-Lock Double Wall Vacuum — 18/8 Stainless Steel Insulation assist in holding temperatures for longer.

12h Hot, 24h Cold — Every sip of coffee is just like the first.

Amplified senses — With tapered drinking lip, smooth matte finish to hold; deserving of the coffee inside.

12oz & 16oz Capacity— The perfect sizes for your coffee on-the-go.

Aromas locked-in — A vacuum leak-proof seal takes care of our brew until you want to drink it.